Chickfly Pants Have a Fly that Works for Women, for Every Body!

Our patented fly is held together by tension, creating a flattering, soft, and easy-to-use feature. It has two overlapping, stretch-fabric panels that pull apart and can open from front or back for maximum convenience and discretion.

A fly that works for women, for every body — no zipper!

Utility & Performance

Chickfly pants bring utility in every way with four deep pockets, high-low fold-able waistbands, and customizable length. They are breathable, wrinkle-resistant, colorfast, & anti-microbial.

All Chickfly garments have great POCKETS!

I’m absolutely shook at the results today. Last year took me over seven hours (to run a 50K). Today I did it in 5:35. My Chickfly pants kept me comfortable covered and chafe-free and I peed standing up without showing anything. 🙌🙌🙌 I LOVE THEM

G. Shafe

"I tried on a pair of Chickfly pants that you sent to my friend. Can I just say AMAZING!?"

K. Crystal

You did an excellent job. The quality is so good - I can't even suggest an improvement.

C. Lamon

I love my Chickfly pants, the fit and function are perfect, it’s such an ingenious design.

— G. Renee

I got mine today- leggings and pants- and I’m going to LIVE in them!!! They’re everything I hoped they’d be. THANK YOU Chickfly- you kick ass!

— H. Ingle

Got mine!! So excited. Got the 2x pair of bamboo leggings. Love them. PERFECTION!

C. Crosby

I love the pair I have received. You are doing such a good job with your product. I use them all the time for jeeping and riding my horses. What a life saver.

— A. Greeve

I don’t miss my denim at all haha! I’m so impressed with the quality of the pants, the color is still dark with no fading and the stretch is holding up so well!

— S. Riggins

“Pretty much everyone as soon as they see how they work — they go apeshit for them. They’re badass. Love them.” — Z. Platek
“I wore your pants climbing. They are rapidly becoming my favorite pants ever. So comfortable.” — K. Shea
I received my 2XL Chickfly pants, and I'm super excited about them! They fit perfectly, are super comfy, and now I wish I had ordered 2 more pairs!

— G. K. Vetter

Answer Nature's Call with Ease

Easily 'go' without unbuckling your climbing harness, removing your pants for a medical device, losing time in a marathon, taking off your jumper, or exposing yourself.

Great for hiking, walking, cycling, kayaking, traveling, running, skiing, dog-sled racing — any outdoor recreation! 

Chickfly pants are made out of sustainably sourced fabrics like bamboo, merino, eucalyptus & beech tree tencel, and recycled nylons. Our quality designer pants are made in the USA.

Learn How to 'Go' Outdoors

Our free pee manuals teach you how to pee outside, pee without TP, pee standing, and much more.

Women's Hiking Pants and women's hiking leggings for all your outdoor, adventure, travel, & access needs.

Featured in Outside Magazine & Chelsea Lately