Chickfly, Another Way to Open your Pants

Chickfly's patented design provides access, giving you the freedom to go anywhere. Our pants and leggings are sustainably made in the USA, and are a soft, strong, and stretchy.

Our patented fly design has two overlapping stretch-fabric panels that pull apart. The fly goes from front to back, allowing one to open it however much is desired. The fly snaps back into shape when released and stays put— all with the safety and ease of a zipper-less fly.

Chickfly pants work great for everybody. We now carry sizes XS-3XL.

Women's Hiking Pants and women's hiking leggings

Sustainably Made for Peak Performance

Chickfly pants are made out of sustainable bamboo, merino, and eucalyptus fabrics. They are breathable, odor-resistant, colorfast, and anti-microbial. Our pants are handcrafted and made in the United States.

They bring utility in every way with four deep pockets and a high-low fold-able waistband.

“Pretty much everyone as soon as they see how they work — they go apeshit for them. They’re badass. Love them.” — Z. Platek
“I wore your pants climbing. They are rapidly becoming my favorite pants ever. So comfortable.” — K. Shea
The way they sit on me is just perfect. I love the weight of the fabric. It’s just so comfortable. I feel completely at ease in my Chickfly pants. I took these to a concert and it was amazing. Such a sense of freedom. And when I’ve been out hiking I don’t have to worry about showing myself, I could just discretely relieve myself. Or if I needed to change a tampon – it’s just a really innovative thing. They’re brilliant, I love them, I want more pairs. — D. Kawkeka
I love the pair I have received. You are doing such a good job with your product. I use them all the time for jeeping and riding my horses. What a life saver.

— A. Greeve

I don’t miss my denim at all haha! I’m so impressed with the quality of the pants, the color is still dark with no fading and the stretch is holding up so well!

— S. Riggins

Thank you for making such awesome pants. We’re traveling around downtown Tijuana, Mexican beaches, and border crossings and I feel like I look great. I can pee discreetly on beaches and my passport, phone, money and cards are super safe. The many secret pockets are better than any of my outfits with secret pockets and I’ve really prioritized outfits with pockets in my life so I know what I’m talking about! Thank you!

— C. Bateman

They are the best invention/necessity I've seen in a long time

— C. Strause

I am so in love with my Chickfly leggings they are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn and the deep pockets are amazing! Everything about the packaging, fabric, design, the self hem aspect, is so awesome. I want everyone to have a pair of these they rock!

— I. Saporito

I'm stoked to see more functional clothing options available for women. I've often felt like the only one who's realized the only reason we have a disadvantage in the outdoors is because of our clothing, not our bodies. Thank you for creating a product that helps so level the playing field.

L. Crichlow

I received my 2XL Chickfly pants, and I'm super excited about them! They fit perfectly, are super comfy, and now I wish I had ordered 2 more pairs!

— G. K. Vetter

I definitely want another pair! These are so soft and comfortable! I'm going to live in them this fall. Thank you so much! <3

L. Falor

My pants just arrived and I am doing a happy dance!!!! They are *glorious*. Thank you so very, very much for leaving the long length on them. I'm 5'11" and have a terrible time finding pants that are long enough. These are perfect as is. And pockets? POCKETS, YES! . As a cyclist, hiker, camper and scientist, the option of being able to pee in the woods easily is a Godsend. I'm a plus size gal and these fit fantastically.

— J.B. Healy

My 15-year-old swiped the pair of pants you shipped me a few weeks ago and is taking them on a three-week canoeing trip. I can think of no higher complement.

E. Molnar

I just received mine today! Wow they are so comfortable and perfect in every way!! I’m so excited to wear them on a hike.

— K. Grace

"I tried on a pair of Chickfly pants that you sent to my friend. Can I just say AMAZING!?"

K. Crystal

You did an excellent job. The quality is so good - I can't even suggest an improvement.

C. Lamon

I love my Chickfly pants, the fit and function are perfect, it’s such an ingenious design.

— G. Renee

Yay! I’m loving mine and realize I need a second pair.

— G. Today

I got mine today- leggings and pants- and I’m going to LIVE in them!!! They’re everything I hoped they’d be. THANK YOU Chickfly- you kick so much ass!

— H. Ingle

"I LOVE the pants [from Kickstarter]. When and how can I order more??? My friends and family all want a pair!"

— C. Berolzheimer

Got mine!! So excited. Got the 2x pair of bamboo leggings. Love them. PERFECTION!

C. Crosby

Thank you for the product you make! The leggings work really well for me. I wear them high waist style under a goretex drysuit for swiftwater rescue. I'm a member of a volunteer search and rescue team in Northern Minnesota. I've always had problems with my base layer shirts riding up while moving around. With the chick fly leggings I tuck my base layer shirts in and it keeps everything in place.

— D. Hamilton

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