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“Pretty much everyone as soon as they see how they work — they go apeshit for them. They’re badass. Love them.” — Z. Platek
“I wore your pants climbing. They are rapidly becoming my favorite pants ever. So comfortable.” — K. Shea
The way they sit on me is just perfect. I love the weight of the fabric. It’s just so comfortable. I feel completely at ease in my Chickfly pants. I took these to a concert and it was amazing. Such a sense of freedom. And when I’ve been out hiking I don’t have to worry about showing myself, I could just discretely relieve myself. Or if I needed to change a tampon – it’s just a really innovative thing. They’re brilliant, I love them, I want more pairs. — D. Kawkeka

Get your Pants On!

The story of Chickfly pants is years of research, development, and hard work. Dozens of women tested the prototypes on their adventures around the world.

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