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Once again we delve into pee history with this unique chamber pot made of enamel, or bourdaloue. I am not certain if it is a proper bourdaloue or if that word is reserved for the style of ceramic chamber pot, with an open top, and designed to fit entirely between a woman's legs (like a gravy boat). Either way, both items were historically used so women could pee standing.


A vessel with a mouth that fits between the legs

with a yoni shaped opening, as seen

discretely fitting into Chickfly's Merino Leggings' fly


You can see the nice curve designed to fit the vulva. I have been thinking a lot about women peeing on boats, and how difficult that can be.

This vulva-shaped vessel could be used for a variety of activities, like boating, or peeing from a wheelchair. When combined with Chickfly pants, one could use this pot to discreetly go while in boat, plane, or automobile.

We think it could also be useful when peeing with a wheelchair.
We have heard incredible stories of women's difficulties using public toilets, even when ADA accessible. What if one could pee while remaining in the chair, and then just empty the pot? Or even have a friend empty it? Does anyone have experience with peeing in a wheelchair that they can share with me?

I have been thinking a lot about peeing in boats.
This is both because I kayak, and it is difficult to go ashore and climb out to pee, and also because I have been caught on a sailboat unable to pee. That experience was funny. I was sailing in the San Juan's on a small boat without a toilet. I had to go so bad. I finally decided to try to get over my embarrassment and hang my bare ass over the stern. Just then along came the Washington State Ferry! I was too shy to go. So I went down below and somebody provided me with a yogurt container. I got it done. That is a situation when I could have used this!

A team of women, called Hericane Rowing, is navigating from Monterey to Hawaii this summer. They aim to beat the record of the fastest man-powered vessel to cross this part of the Pacific Ocean. We have been emailing back and forth about how to go to the bathroom on board. Team member Kristen says:

"That orange bucket next to me is our toilet and it was SO HARD to pee on a moving boat. The second time I tried I fell over while pulling my pants back up 😂 I kept thinking this would be so much easier if I didn’t have to get pants on and off to pee!"

This is a special adventure to me because my grandmother and grandfather sailed this same journey, also starting in California, and they were blown by a hurricane the entire way, so much so that they arrived a week early!

My grandmother put hearts in her journal every day they made love. She was a sex-positive influence in my life, having been a social worker in a clinic, as well as counseling pregnant teens.  Hericane Rowing is making their trip to raise funds for Planned Parenthood, and I know this is something she would love. When I bought this bourdaloue I was thinking of their upcoming trip. Check them out and follow their journey!



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I received my 2XL Chickfly pants, and I'm super excited about them! They fit perfectly, are super comfy, and now I wish I had ordered 2 more pairs!


Love the comfort and fit and the fact that I can wear these high or low ... plus there are 4 pockets. I wear these everyday they are my favorite leggings!