One Thousand and One Uses

Our beta testers report their unique uses for the pants. These stories highlight the diversity of ways that these pants support you doing you.

Not Just for Peeing — Highliner

She needs Chickfly pants because when she highlines, she needs to evacuate her bowels immediately. Once she harnesses up, but before she steps on the line, an adrenaline rush surges through her, and she’s urgently gotta go. Yes she is a responsible "blue-bag" user, packing out her poo. By talking about it, we support her. By her openness about it, she supports Chickfly.

You Might be a Fly Chick if...

you take road trips

your garden needs fertilizer

you don't have a pot to piss in

you’re too sexy for your pants

you like secret pockets

you want to flaunt it

your modesty demands it

you wanna write your name in the snow

you've laughed so hard you've peed your pants

you race the Iditarod

you think equality matters

you think the bushes look better than the line

you pee from a cliff in a harness

you are macho enough to have a pissing contest

you are a climate activist

you want to win the race