Tested: Pants You Can Pee In

1. “You can open the fly, which is made from overlapping pieces of fabric, from the back (giving you enough space to go number two, but a little less privacy) or from the front (good for number one and more private, but creating a smaller opening).”

2. “The pants, which are made of super-soft, legging-like material, are intended to be worn without underwear, and they are very comfortable and functional commando (you can even wear a pad on the upper layer). It is possible to wear undergarments if you prefer: you’ll just have to pull them aside along with the pant layers.”

3. “The pants, with their lycra and sustainable bamboo fabric, were extremely comfortable. The inner folds of the “fly” felt very secure, and I never worried my crotch was going to be on display when I was hiking to a hot spring, hanging in a harness, and getting groceries in town.”

4. “The wide waistband can fold down around your hips or be flipped up to hug your belly (an especially great option for pregnant people who prefer a pant that can go either under or over their stomach). The pants fit like a yoga pants would around the legs, flaring out slightly at the bottom.”

5. “Overall, the convenience and innovative bathroom access of these pants is unmatched against any I’ve previously tried. They’re equipped for long hikes, sport climbs, runs, yoga sessions, and long road trips.”

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