Chickfly Pants

Like yoga pants, with a fly that works for everyone, Chickfly pants are comfortable, durable and responsibly crafted. This patented design will revolutionize the pants market with a fly that works for women, for everyone.

What are Chickfly Pants?

These stylish pants are easy to open, both in small and large apertures. They free women to discreetly pee outdoors, as well as offer hygienic bathroom options to a variety of people in need. The Chickfly is unique because it has no zippers, creating a quick, comfortable, and accessible experience.

Are you a Fly Chick?

Chickfly offers safety and accessibility. When hanging from a rope in a harness, one can access their fly without removing safety gear. Likewise, for those with disabilities, being able to pee without standing to pull down their pants may mean the difference between going potty alone or needing an assistant.

How do they work?

Our patented design has two overlapping stretch fabric panels that pull apart. The fly goes from front to back, allowing one to open it however much is desired. The fly snaps back into shape when you release it and stays put.


Chickfly works for all shapes and sizes from women's extra small to extra large, or sizes 0 to 18.

Made for Everyone?

For Men too?

Chickfly was originally designed with women in mind. However men, gender fluid people, or anyone seeking an alternative, easy to use fly can benefit from Chickfly.  We support whoever chooses to wear Chickfly pants. Also we hope to add a more gender neutral style to our line soon.

Yes for Everyone!

Chickfly pants are designed for everyone to enjoy. Initially, we designed them with the female, outdoor enthusiast in mind. It became clear that people from all walks of life can use these pants. They are access friendly for people who want privacy. They are comfortable for daily use. They are even suitable for extreme sports athletes. We hope to create many more styles of pants in the future with specifications that fit the desires of people doing every activity. Today we are starting with the basic black pants that we think is the common denominator in everyone’s wardrobe. Everybody can benefit from a pair of Chickfly pants.

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