By Corrie McDonald

Chickfly leggings are a game changer for me. I have had type 1 diabetes for 22 years now and recently got myself an insulin pump. I’m an avid forager and mycophile who loves to spend most of their time camping, foraging and exploring nature.

It’s not unheard of for me to spend long periods of time camping and 12 hours a day outside looking for mushrooms and edible plants. Unfortunately with hot weather, sweaty skin and the obvious need to pee outside sometimes (especially as a T1D), I’ve ripped out so many infusion sets accidentally when pulling my shorts or leggings down. I’ve also ripped out infusion sets because my tubing was sticking out and has caught on things outside.

Infusion sets are expensive and wasting them adds more strain to my already extremely expensive chronic illness. I love my Chickfly leggings because not only do they eliminate the need to pull my leggings down to pee, I can also feed my insulin pump tubing directly through the front of the fly into the side pockets on the leggings. Another added bonus of these amazing leggings is that there is ample pocket space for my pump, low blood sugar snacks, foraging knives, brushes and mesh bags.

I’m in love with these! Thank you for making such an inclusive and useful brand for people like me Anna, I’m so excited to see what else you make in the future! 💜

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I received my 2XL Chickfly pants, and I'm super excited about them! They fit perfectly, are super comfy, and now I wish I had ordered 2 more pairs!


Love the comfort and fit and the fact that I can wear these high or low ... plus there are 4 pockets. I wear these everyday they are my favorite leggings!