Today we are talking about our relationship with trees. We want to offset the ecological footprint of Chickfly pants. We often do a sale where we plant a tree with One Tree Planted for every order. Together we have planted 547 trees!


Chickfly is run by women who work with the Earth...

Meg lives on the land and grows up to 90% of her food, including lentils, quinoa, and oats - things that most people don't even try to grow in their gardens.

Her agro-forestry includes food-producing trees like pine nuts and loquats, staples during times of scarcity. She also has a relationship with the native oaks where she lives at Seven Oaks Permaculture. One of the special oaks on her farm is the oracle oak, a hybrid between the red oak and the interior live oak.

Meg works at Chickfly a couple hours a week, usually as a bookkeeper, this time as a model for hiking leggings. She's from Texas 🔥🥰.

Founded by a Restoration Ecologist
Anna works doing watershed restoration and has planted many trees in her lifetime. Improving the riparian vegetation (the forest along streams and rivers) is one of the primary goals in the Pacific Northwest. Trees hold the river banks together, keep water cool with shade, and provide habitat and cover — all necessary for the survival of salmon.

Another important tree planting goal in Mendocino County is to protect oak woodlands. One of Anna's current projects (with her other business, Village Ecosystems) includes making oak expansion zones around the existing trees in this meadow. The issue is that oak seedlings get eaten by deer, so there are almost no saplings maturing into adult trees. Wildland restoration is particularly difficult because of the lack of water for irrigation. In this project the oak starts will be fenced so that deer can't browse them. Over time, the oak forest will expand. Anna's team has mapped approximately 200 starts to protect.

We believe that our customers, who also love nature and want ethically made outdoor equipment, would like to understand the roots behind our commitment to sustainable fashion.

Planting a tree with the purchase of Chickfly pants is a way for us to stand with our ideals. We source and manufacture our products as sustainably as we can and we try to offset our carbon footprint with tree planting. Thanks for your help!

We wanted you to know about a couple of the women behind the project, and why this connection to trees and nature is so important to us.

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I received my 2XL Chickfly pants, and I'm super excited about them! They fit perfectly, are super comfy, and now I wish I had ordered 2 more pairs!


Love the comfort and fit and the fact that I can wear these high or low ... plus there are 4 pockets. I wear these everyday they are my favorite leggings!