When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

Maybe you are careening around town with three kids in tow. Just to take a bio-break and go pee, you would have to unbuckle and carry children as well as protect them from the street. Or maybe you could find a restroom in a local business, maybe their grub-seeking little hands would be all over the bathroom. Or you could find a field or a woods and cop-a-squat near your car. Sometimes moms and other parents without penes just prefer to go outside because it is so much easier, fresher, and cleaner.

Or maybe you are pregnant or postpartum with little control and frequent urination; this issue is practically universal and is part of the pregnancy process. Women often go on walks in order to maintain and regain their strength during and after pregnancy. They may find that it is difficult to find a place to pee with privacy, especially if they need to go every ten minutes or experience incontinence. The “fly” in traditional pants was designed for men to have this convenience, and we think that having the option to pee with privacy outside is something that women need too.

While some might say that people should only pee in restrooms, the reality is that there aren’t enough available, and exceptions are made for able-bodied men that can pee with privacy just about anywhere. As you will learn from our Pee Ecology page, peeing on healthy mulched soil in a garden or landscape is good for the environment.

Moms with infants benefit from Chickfly too. Imagine this: You have a baby strapped around your waist, their little body tightly pressed to yours, and pulling your pants down is more difficult than normal. With our innovative fly, you can squat and go without needing to disrobe or untie your baby. Chickfly pants and their patented design gives people with children that can’t use a traditional fly easy access, without having to pull their pants down. We even have a Chickfly jumpsuit coming out later this year - one piece of clothing that looks great is comfortable and allows you to go without getting nakey. See the photo of this auntie carrying her nibling and going on the fly without anyone noticing.

Or, you are on the freeway with a back seat full of kids on the way to an out-of-town game, and you feel your moon gush. Did you know you can slide in a napkin, pad, or insert a tampon one-handed and with zero exposure?

And toddlers… who would ever want to wake them? A friend once found herself in a box store parking lot with a sleeping toddler and she had to go number two. Only a parent would understand the desperation of not wanting to wake your toddler under any condition. She found a discrete covering, a ziplock bags, and baby wipes, and she made it happen.

Another mom we know regularly uses her pee funnel in the car and goes in a bottle. She says that it is too hard to find a bathroom and with her tiny bladder, three kids in the back, and her husband driving it is just easier to go trucker-style. Pee funnels like Freshette can be paired with Chickfly to go with total discretion.

Moms, as well as other childcare givers, whether they are outdoor pre-school teachers, environmental educators, trans and intersex parents, or dads with disabilities — these people understand that there is a bathroom problem for people that can’t easily use a traditional fly. Like most things in a world that have been developed by and for able-bodied men, there has been a lack of adequate innovation for female bathroom needs and Chickfly has stepped in to solve the problem.

It’s no wonder that Chickfly was invented by a mom shortly after she had her first baby and that she spent the next decade figuring out how to bring this product to market. Nor is it surprising that her first investor was another mother who happened to also be a teacher and understands this need that female caregivers have when taking care of multiple children in places where there isn’t always restroom access.

We all know you have your hands full. So if you need to save time and have pants designed with the female form in mind where you don't have to show your butt to the world, all while keeping your eyes on your children, then these are the pants for you.

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I received my 2XL Chickfly pants, and I'm super excited about them! They fit perfectly, are super comfy, and now I wish I had ordered 2 more pairs!


Love the comfort and fit and the fact that I can wear these high or low ... plus there are 4 pockets. I wear these everyday they are my favorite leggings!