Jen Bell brings us the five primary hip openers while rocking the Chickfly Butter Onesie!

Open up and say ahh...
When thinking about yoga and where to start consider hip-opening postures. Seasoned yogis know and love hip openers because they help keep the center of the body healthy so that everything above and below can flow.
The hips are the body’s hinge and they require regular maintenance to ensure full body ease.  Because modern humans spend so much time in sedentary conditions, we often need extra hip-opening exercises to keep our pelvis flexible. 

At Chickfly we’re extra interested in hip opening postures because getting intimate with this area and strengthening one’s pelvic floor is important for comfortable outdoor peeing.

Copping a squat with ease is achieved with regular attention to keeping the hip muscles supple and strong.

 The first and perhaps most famous hip opening posture is the “Happy Baby pose." Lying on one’s back and letting the hips open wide, the stretch is achieved by breathing into the legs while rocking from side to side. Focus on breathing deeply. For advanced practitioners, hold the outer edge of the feet or hook onto the big toes. This posture relieves tension in the pelvic floor, making it a fabulous pose to practice with your Chickfly pants. 

The second hip opener is a great way to relax and restore between several poses in any yoga series. “Child’s pose” is the ultimate rejuvenation pose. Sitting back on the heels with open hips and bringing the upper body over the torso, the hips are lavishly stretched in this classic posture. Some modifications include bringing the arms out long in front of the body or forming a hinge at the elbows to bring the arms back toward the head (as pictured). Breathing deeply here helps release tightness in the pelvic floor muscles and open the hips up. Read Jen Bell's detailed Blog on this 'Child's Pose.'
Moving into standing postures, stretching the outer hips with "Lizard pose," a lunge twist that allows for both some love to the abductors and (alternatively on each side) focusing on giving each hip a side-specific stretch. Coming out of the twist, you could even try some fancy Chickfly maneuvers! While we don’t generally give instructions for peeing in a lunge position, there is something satisfying about using enough core strength to free one’s hands to create access for your Chickfly pants.
Butterfly postures, whether seated or in conjunction with an inversion pose, it stretches the pelvic floor fascia around the perineum.

Jen Bell is showing off her Chickfly Butter Onesie with this lovely butterfly inversion. The double-layer design of the Original Chickfly Bamboo pants and leggings makes stretching secure, even when in such a vulnerable position.

Can you see the fly?

And finally, the traditional Malasana, the  is our favorite Chickfly performance posture for training to pee outdoors. Read Jen Bell's detailed Blog on this 'Yogi Squat.'

Squatting is considered the posture of choice for urination and defecation in most traditional cultures around the world.

Even in the modern world, this posture is having a reprisal as more evidence is coming forth about digestive health and the alignment of the intestines during a squat. Squatting is our recommended posture for access in all of the Chickfly apparel we offer.
We hope that you have enjoyed this series of postures. We believe that the freedom to go anywhere is accomplished with Chickflys and can be supported by tending to our pelvic floor and hips through these yogic poses. Thanks to Jen for her wonderful yogini modeling and expert demonstration.
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