How to 'Go' in the Outdoors

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How to Pee

Includes Instruction for women who pee:
• How to pee w/out TP
• How to pee standing
• How to pee w/out making a mess

Love Pussy Pee Manual

Includes: How to Pee w/o T.P — A Raunchy Guide to the Urinary Function of your Vulva.
• Includes all of the above with Illustrations – Anna’s sketches of just how it all works!

This is for people that appreciate raunchy humor - if that's not you, just click on the tame version above, "How to Pee" for women.


Consider yourself forewarned : )

How to Squat when you Ain't Got Shit

Includes: Our founder's tips on how go poop in the wild when caught unprepared and keep it environmentally friendly. This should be common knowledge!
• Where to go to the bathroom in nature
• What about T.P and wiping
• How to poop outdoors when you didn't come prepared