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How to Measure Yourself for Chickfly’s Women's Pants

It is important that you are able to measure yourself with ease and confidence so you can get the right fit for your Chickfly pants or leggings. Chickfly comes from a background of research and development and we know the importance of measuring, so check out our easy guide to get the perfect fit for your Chickfly pants and leggings. 

The fly in Chickfly pants is a stretchy portion of fabric that goes between the legs and wraps around the hips. It must be tight, but not so tight that it doesn’t stretch when you open it. That’s why the hip measurement on Chickfly pants is so important -  it needs to be the right size for your body so that the fly works properly. 


Put on your favorite pair of stretchy leggings and start taking measurements, with a soft tape measure, around your waist and hips. You will want to have a notepad handy to jot down your results. The bamboo material is fused with 8% of lycra to give the pants plenty of stretch capability. Chickfly pants are made to fit comfortably yet snugly.


How to Measure the Hips on Chickfly Women's Pants

  • Hips - Take your hip measurement as the circumference of the widest part of your hips. This may be at your hip bone, or lower if you have a curvaceous booty. If you are wide below the hip, you will want to use this "Low Hip" measurement at your widest point. Take several hip measurements with a loose tape and choose the widest one.

How to Measure the Waist on Chickfly Women's Pants

  • Waist - You will want to measure the circumference of your waist at the narrowest part above your belly button and below your breasts. Stand in a relaxed manner and relax your gut and chest. Try measuring at multiple points up and down your waist with a loose tape measure to find the narrowest point. This is your waist measurement. If you’re pear- or hourglass-shaped, your natural waist should be pretty easy to find. If you’re apple-shaped or banana-shaped or carry a good deal of your weight around your waist, though, it may be a bit harder to locate, and may actually be larger than your hip measurement. If this is the case your measurement may be taken a little high around your ribs.

Chickfly size chart

Chickfly's Size Chart for Pants and Leggings


After You Get Your Chickfly Pants: 

How to Measure and Cut the Cuff 

Chickfly pants were designed intentionally to be cut to length for a perfect fit. We did this for a couple reasons, one to be more sustainable with the material cut and sewing process and also to give our customers the ability to self-serve in order to get the perfect length since we are all so unique in size and structure. This design provides people with the opportunity to create a custom fit.  We designed the pants and leggings with a second hem line about 4.5” from the bottom of the pant leg, so the cut does not unravel past that point. You can hem the pants where you cut it or create a rugged look with a non-sewn cut which will not unravel past the second hem line. We designed these pants with custom creation in mind, so go ahead and be creative with your Chickfly pants and take on that DIY project that you can show off daily.

Instructions on cutting your pants for a perfect length

  • Stand up straight wearing the pants.
  • Have a friend mark where the pants touch the floor at your heel.
  • Lay pants out flat. Cut a straight line across the bottom, using sharp scissors. FYI cut them long first - you can always cut off more material later if you need to.
  • Use the piece you cut off from the first leg to measure the length to cut off of the second pant leg.
  • Cut the second pant leg and you are done, ready for the "Freedom to go Anywhere."

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