Leggings Benefits:

  1. Patented pull-apart fly technology
  2. Naturally temperature regulated for peak performance and comfort
  3. Anti-microbial, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, wicking
  4. Two thigh-pockets and two secret-waistband-pockets
  5. Saves water and energy, sustainably sourced
  6. Nice on your hoohaw, go figure

Leggings Features:

  1. Made out of Merino Wool and Tencel (from Eucalyptus trees)
  2. Medium-high waistband ( up to ribcage ) can be folded up-high or down-low ( to hips)
  3. Durable Knit weave on outside, soft cozy sweatshirt on inside
  4. Short-shorts fly style opening, no added elastic, looser fit, surged edge
  5. Thermo-regulating with breathable thermal wool and cooling Tencel
  6. Wrinkle and Pilling resistant, easy care

Chickfly Bamboo Panties Features

  1. Black Bamboo
  2. Organic Dyes
  3. Naturally Antimicrobial & Resists Odor
  4. Eco-conscious & Sustainable
  5. Wicking
  6. Super Soft
  7. Comfortable
  8. 1 panty per order