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About Our Blog

We share these stories, essays, and thoughts, leaping into fascinating topics about women, men feminism, gender, earth, kindness, love, biology, equality, equity, and sustainability because we like to communicate with you. Experiencing unusual perspectives provides an avenue for peace and prosperity, and for people to be themselves. We give you permission to be yourself, kindly, as part of the Chickfly community. We believe embracing individual uniqueness is a key to building lasting community and feeling whole as humans.

We care about the health of humans, plants, animals, and the web of life in which we recline like in a hammock between two trees (and struggle at the tension too). It is a joy to be silly, playful, and carefree. Being serious is fulfilling between bouts of throwing jokes in the air like winged sunflowers — hoping they will fly.

Ideas have wings — as flying blossom they change shape... you never know, she may just open up and flash you (or consume you like Bilquis’ vagina). These ideas are meant to be friendly… and we ask you, when commenting about these writings, to be kind in responses to the personal beliefs of others. Help us develop a culture of kindness, respect, and temperance.


This site contains nudity, colorful language, and discussion of sex, reproduction, genitals, ecology, microbiology, butts, heart, body hair, pee & art.

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